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Thread: Printing full Transaction Reservation History

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    Default Printing full Transaction Reservation History

    Recently, The Resort that uses this application was flooded and all guests got evacuated, and future guests got refunded and their reservation cancelled. Employees had to refund guests, make calls, etc... So I'm curious to find out how much room CG Master has to customize print jobs. Basically, my boss wants to be able to see the entire transaction history, with the taxes being implemented and then refunded.

    There is a way to do this, by selecting a specific reservation transaction, and then clicking New/Edit Transactions, and for printing options, selecting "Since Date" and manually selecting the date tat you want said transaction history from.

    Is there a way to automate this, so the employees don't have to follow the steps (I apologize if not as clear) but go ahead and click Print, or something much similar, to yield the same results?

    Hope this makes sense.

    -Christopher Myles Moran

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    Use Reports / Reservation Receipts.
    Stan Spielbusch
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