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Thread: Run CM on reboot

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    Default Run CM on reboot

    I would like Campground Master to run automatically after a reboot so the database will be available 24x7 for Hercules online reservations. I have CM in the startup menu but this only works if someone is physically able to logon to the computer. We are a seasonal campground and do not staff the office on a daily basis in the off season. My Master computer is running Windows 7.
    I've searched through the forum and user documentation but did not find any recommendations. I google'd the question and it was suggested to use Task Manager. I can disable automatic updates to minimize reboots but I prefer to not do that unless absolutely necessary. Does anyone have an experience with keeping CM running 24x7 without requiring human intervention? Also if any Hercules users have any input on how well it is working for them I would appreciate the input.

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    A Google search turns up a couple articles on skipping the Windows login screen (both suggest the same thing), maybe this will help:
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