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This feature allows you to export the Campground Master transaction data to a file that QuickBooks can import (IIF format). Transactions can be exported as often as daily (daily totals are exported), or it can be done once a week, once a month, or however often you need the data in QuickBooks.

All of the charges will be transferred by transaction category, and all of the receipts will be transferred by payment method. The daily totals can be exported to QuickBooks either as General Journal entries for each category and payment method or as a single Cash Sale transaction with line items breaking out the category details.

If you have accounts receivable (e.g. you add charges to reservations before payments are received, such as monthly rent), you can have the A/R balance go into an Accounts Receivable account in QuickBooks. If you take advance deposits, they can also be assigned to a separate QuickBooks deposits account until they're applied, to track deposits as a "liability" against the actual receipts.


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