Overview - Network Functions
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This Network section only applies if you have purchased a license for networking more than one workstation. You can use the View / Product Authorizations function to see how many workstations your license authorizes you to network. If the number is 1, then you are not authorized for networking.

Network setup parameters and options can be found under Maintenance / Network Functions / Network Setup, while some diagnostic and administrative functions can be found under Maintenance / Network Functions. These are explained in more detail below.

Networking allows Campground Master to run on 2 or more connected computers (workstations). While you can install and run Campground Master on a network (or even on more than one computer) without a networking license, you cannot access the same database at the same time without losing data. The networking functionality is required for the different workstations to communicate their changes to each other and stay synchronized.

Note that the sample database ("demo") is not authorized for networking, thus it is safe to load at any workstation and will not affect others. If you are evaluating the software or want to try the networking before purchasing the upgrade, you may request a free 30-day trial license enabled for networking.

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