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Note: Many common questions related to Reports have been answered in our newsletters -- be sure to check the Newsletter Category Index (click this link) to see if your question is answered there.

Specialized reports are found under Reports on the main menu. There are various statistical reports that are based on reservations, providing useful statistics to aid in managing and marketing your campground. In addition, there are Meter Reading reports for each type of meter (some or all may be disabled if not supported by your sites), Mailing labels, Envelopes, and Batch Receipt printing. To generate each report, start by clicking the appropriate menu item.

Transaction reports, such as reporting of receipts, charges, taxes, deposits, income, and so on, are accessed through the Transactions tab view. Click the Summary Options button on the Transactions view for a variety of reports and customization settings.


Report Dialog Controls  
Occupancy Report  
Availability Report  
Arrival Statistics Report  
Departure Statistics Report  
How-heard Report  
Unfulfilled Reservations  
Meter Readings  
Mailing Labels and Envelopes  
Customer/Reservation E-mail list (and Batch E-mailing)  
Reservation Receipts (Batch)  
Reservation Filtering Dialog  

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