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02-04-2009, 08:08 AM
Another wire transfer scam.
This one was particularly interesting and clever as it has now zeroed in on camping.


My name is Kevin Cueva and I am a London based travel agent.I will need a parking space for my newly purchased RV for the period of February 11th thru March 11th 2009 only.I will also like to inform you that I have purchased this RV through a company that was supposed to pay for this parking space but because of some cancellation which we have made,they will be refunding me some money back which I intend using to pay for this parking space.I and my family will be in the United States for the month of February to attend the Feb 13 - 15, 2009 24Th Annual Richmond Camping RV Expo Richmond, VA.(Pls note that I am aware that your location is not in the Richmond VA but I have decided to contact you because of my plans to fly down to Richmond with my family during the event)

I would like to know the monthly rate for the parking space and if there is any other fee I will need to pay.I also intend hiring an RV driver that will drive us during our stay hence will need you to pay the driver with part of the funds which you are going to receive from the refund company on my behalf.

Actually I would have loved to collect this refund payment from the company and make the different payments myself but being that I'm located in the UK it will take me longer time to clear the cashier's check which they will pay me with.I have discussed with the company who disclosed to me that their accepted mode of refund payment as their company policy may have it is through cashier's check drawn from a United States bank.I have made inquiries from my bank as regards this and discovered that it won't clear before my vacation trip.The rather told me that it will take months to clear being out of state check.As I have stated earlier,I have budgeted this funds for payment of the parking space,hired RV driver and the shipping cost to UK after our stay hence to expedite the process I will need your assistance being that you are a U.S resident in receiving the funds from the company
on my behalf.I have tried to see if they could wire the funds directly to my bank account so I can pay the different parties but all to null avail.If I collect this check from them it will delay my trip because my bank won't clear it in a timely manner.I am also willing to negotiate commission with you for this extra services so do let me know if you will like to move ahead with the transaction in which I have explained by providing the following

1.Your name
2.Your physical address
3.Your phone number
4.The rental cost of your space for the month of February
5. Your commission for the extra request
Otherwise advise me so that I may seek another renter.

Note that I am aware that most business are closed this winter period and if that is the case with your company,I will appreciate it if you go ahead to let me know if you can assit me in finding another place to park my RV or receiving the funds from the company owing me as I am willing to negotiate commission with you.

Pls reply to travelshubsagencyplc11@gmail.com.

02-04-2009, 08:20 PM
We got the same one. I told them we only take gold and if they wanted to have gold sent to me, I would be happy to help them.

Im still waiting for the gold to get here.... LOL