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Four Oaks Lodging
06-25-2008, 09:58 AM
I think the software is great for campgrounds with cabins or motels, the one thing it should show for them though is if a room is clean or dirty, so the person at the front desk can see if the room has been cleaned yet.

06-25-2008, 10:28 AM
I agree, we've been wanting to add this for quite awhile. It's currently part of a larger list of features needed for better motel/inn support, which is one reason it keeps getting sidelined in favor of the more urgent needs (no time to do the whole package), but perhaps it could be separated out and done as an individual feature if there is a lot of demand for it.

It could also be done as a simple "Sites" field addition, with a column or color key addition to the Rack for indication. Of course then it needs to be set to "dirty" automatically when a reservation is checked out, and a right-click menu item added to easily reset it to "clean". Then there is the reporting, e.g. for the Housekeeping report... :rolleyes:

07-25-2013, 12:57 PM
Has there ever been any progress on showing the status of cabins and motel rooms? I need to indicate stayovers, cleaned, and checked by mgmt.
Thanks, Sylvia :-\

07-25-2013, 01:34 PM
I have not seen any progress on this request. It is something than needs to be addressed as other programs are giving these options. My only reason for staying with campground master is the fact that I just don't have the time right now to learn a new system

Murphy's Camping
07-25-2013, 01:41 PM
This could also be useful for campsites in the context of mowing/trimming. Quite often sites are occupied during the typical mowing/trimming session so one must try to remember to mow the site as soon as the current guest leaves, which could be several days later in many cases.

I would envision a button to press when mowing is done in the campground. (Or multiple buttons if you mow your park in sections) Any sites that are occupied at the time the button is pressed get a flag indicating that they must be mowed as soon as the current guest leaves.

Then, as Stan said, a simple right-click menu item would allow you to clear the flag when the site gets mowed.

07-25-2013, 02:22 PM
Requirements like this seem to be different for every situation, as indicated by the posts here with various needs. That's why we added the Advanced Customizations.

You can add whatever status fields you want, add buttons on Dialogs or Menu functions to set/reset them, Color Schemes for color-coding based on the status, and Queries for reporting. It's all possible in the existing software. There just isn't enough common need or standardization of requirements to warrant making it part of the main software.