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07-01-2008, 10:00 AM
With all of the flooding, tornadoes, and forest fires that have happened in the past few months, I would imagine that some of our Campground Master customers might be affected by them. Whenever we see a new disaster on the news, we think about this and our sympathies go out to them.

Hopefully anyone in business carries adequate insurance to cover such natural disasters. One thing that you don't have to worry about is your Campground Master software -- you can always download it again from our web site without having to purchase a new license.

However, one thing that insurance won't cover and we can't help with is your data. We had an article in our newsletter recently about making sure you have adequate backups, where we mentioned the importance of an off-site backup in case of disaster. I know of one customer who was a behind in their backups when a fire destroyed everything. Can you imagine the panic at losing all of your customer data, reservations for the whole season, and financial records? Don't wait, do it now and do it often!

You can read the article here:

Once again, our thoughts go out to those who have had to deal with these disasters. Of course if you need any help getting Campground Master back up and running again, please call us.

07-01-2008, 10:56 AM
I have a client who took me and their data with them during an evacuation from Hurricane Rita.
We took all backups and pulled the raid array out of the server, all went in Anti-static bags and with us to Alabama.
When we got special permission to get back in town, we set up generators GROUNDED WITH GROUND SPIKES INTO THE GROUND 6 FEET and had the place back up and running.
Total down time was about 4 days! In an area that took about a month to get back right with basic services and well over a year to get back to normal.
I have been thru this first hand, my office was completely destroyed and my home sustained $18,000 worth of damage.
Have a plan which includes good backups follow the plan!

And remember, your personal safety is the most important! If Gov. Agency says leave please listen to them. Nobody got killed during Rita because most followed the mandatory evacuation order. Those that didn't leave had a rough time of it, and to be quite frank - The cops don't play nice when your not supposed to be there!

07-02-2008, 07:43 AM
Even short delays in power can be disruptive to business. We had an electrical storm yesterday that sparked a forest fire and the entire valley was without power for about 18 hours. I had backed up the night before, so I downloaded the backup onto my laptop. The poroblem was the data that was input from opening until the power went out mid afternoon. The power has just come back on, so I will have to weed out the new data and manually input it again. I will now keep a jump drive in place and several times a day do a backup.
I have not been good about off site backups. I really need to devise a plan, and stay on it. 88-|

03-05-2009, 09:02 AM
I was just reading back through some old posts and came across this one.

Here is a rundown of what has happened since my last post on this thread. I did come up with a better system for backups. Daily I backup CGM and Quickbooks onto a jump drive and at the end of the day it goes in the safe with the cash drawer. Weekly I back up everything on another jump drive and put it in the glove box of my car. On October 15th We had a fire at our park and lost our home AND store/office. It was a complete loss and everyone's first question was, "what about all your reservations?" It took us a week to get enough debris moved off the safe to get it open, but the jump drive even though the plastic case was melted, worked fine. The things I had backed up on CD were unreadable. The heat and the smoke damage were too much for the plastic to handle. It has been nearly 5 months since the fire. We have a pretty new double wide mobile home to live in. We still do not know what we will do for an office and store. We are using a rented job shack for now. Hopefully we will have a good year and be able to afford to rebuild the office and store this year sometime.
DO back up data and DO review your insurance and make sure it is enough to cover you in a disaster! The little bit we saved on premiums was not worth being left under insured when we needed help.

03-10-2009, 02:39 PM
We use Carbonite on line backup, its only $50 a year and I set it up to back up my master computer every night. We also back up to a jump drive so we can have an on site backup. With an offsite back up like Carbonite, you donít have to worry about remembering to back up or to make sure your staff backs up or what to do if a flood hits you and wash all your backupís down the river.

I just like having one less thing to make sure it done every day. Itís just easy. The bad part about setting up a large external hard drive hook into your system for backing up is, if someone breaks into your office and take all of your computesÖ the hard drive your backing up on will be gone also.

I had a friend who had an employee that disk had wiped his hard drive when they quit. With an employee like thatÖ. if they could get to your information, it would be gone also.

Good luck,