View Full Version : Reservation Friend not responsive?

Randy@DCVRV Park
05-06-2012, 06:09 AM
Let me say here that I know that Reservation Friend is not associated with Campground Master. I think CM is awesome!

As we progress with our CM implementation, we thought we would contact RF to gather information about interfacing our website thru them to CM. I have sent repeated Emails, and tried several phone calls, with no response whatsoever. Phone calls either rang no answer or looped back to the auto attendant menu.

Anyone have any insight? Is this the way they treat customers? I would like to think this is just an abberation and not their way of doing business, but I sure do not have a very good feeling about them at this point.

Any observations would be welcomed. Again, I know that CM is NOT responsible for their actions, and am not blaming Stan or CM in any way.