View Full Version : Modify Database or create New?

11-20-2012, 03:55 AM
We are expanding our campground. During first phase expansion, it was necessary to assign certain sites temporary designations (A,B,C etc). These sites will now be receiving numerical designations. We are also adding 67 additional sites which numbering sequence will overlap the previous numbering (ie: site 81 will now be at the north end rather than the south end)
Additionally, we are adding a number of site classes and eliminating others. Would it be easier/better to modify existing database or create a new one. We do not want to lose existing customer information as many of our campers are repeats. We would also like to avoid having to re-enter site specifications in a new database as many sites will remain unchanged. Entering specs for 215 sites (class, type, rates, attributes, etc) could be rather time consuming and we are already taking reservations for next season. Any suggestions??

11-20-2012, 06:31 AM
You should just modify the database.

Don't delete site types/classes. Rename the ones you have as much as possible, and add new ones if needed.

Then edit the existing sites to change their abbreviation, name, and description. Treat each Site record as a physical site -- e.g. if the physical site that was called "A" is now called "1", then edit site A and rename it to 1. That way the reservations will remain linked to their same physical site even though the name changed.

If numbers are moving to other sites, you'll need to do the renaming all in one session to avoid duplicate numbers, since it won't let you leave Site Setup while 2 sites have the same name or abbreviation.