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01-21-2013, 08:49 AM
as Im sure many sites do we have nightmares with site access control in that people dont return barrier access tokens and if you give out codes they pass them on so you lose visitor fees etc.

As ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) systems are now down to under 2k weve invested in one and it would be really useful if we could have fields on the actual CM reservation screen that we could input licence plate details into. I know its in the customer field but if it could be put into the reservation and even better a means of exporting to a spreadsheet with licence, site number and reservation dates this would be awesome.

I know its asking a lot but ANPR is becoming really popular on UK sites and im sure the same will apply in the US ?

01-21-2013, 08:58 AM
You can export the information to a spreadsheet -- the On Site tab view can have the vehicle license information (see the Options for the tab). Then you can export that:

You can also add the fields to the New Reservation dialog if you like. It would be similar to this article, except that they are existing fields (no need to add them to Data Field Definitions), and you're adding to a different dialog:

01-21-2013, 10:21 AM
thanks Stan - that helps but is there a way of adding the car index fields to the departure and arrival tabs ? I have had a play but cant fathom it out !

01-21-2013, 10:35 AM
See this article: