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07-16-2008, 10:04 AM
Howdy all-

We have a popular park in South Lake Tahoe and are having issues with keeping track of our campers and charging the extra fees. We have a ton of people who pay for a week, then have a series of guests come in for a few days at a time (to stay overnight, not day use). As of now we have a base rate that includes 4 people/1 RV or car and as more people arrive, extra fees. x amount for each person, x amount for 2nd car and we have a max of 2 cars and 8 people. We think it's too confusing for everyone, and want to go with a fee that does not charge for extra people or cars.

We have a good handle of what to set the fee at to not lose any "extra fee" revenue and not alienate any single couples (2 people 1 car).

Problem is, as we are so popular, we still want to keep track of everyone-so we don't "overpopulate"--make a rate that includes (say 2 cars and 6 people) but still be able to make sure there are not 20 people and 4 cars on site. To be honest, checking them all in at our gatehouse is a nightmare 173 sites-filled to the brim on fri and sat, with many many single night visitors and people "visiting for the day" and want to just check in the group once, give em them passes, not worry about every single car coming in, but then do a TON of campchecks to monitor how many people/cars etc. That way if we see a car without a tag, we can talk to the group and see whats happening...

Any personal experiences with switching between worrying/checking at the gate to worrying/checking out in the park? Any personal experiences from moving from base rate+extra fees...to an all inclusive fee?

07-18-2008, 10:21 AM
We have a much smaller place, but also fight with all the extras. I have raised my price a little high to cover the "sneakers". I also have a policy of giving discounts to couples and singles that don't take up much space or electricity. If I see a bicyclist or mom and pop coming in their tiny mini van I automatically give them a 10% discount, whereas the families that arrive with all their miscellaneous stuff, they are not offered a discount.

ps We love your place. Camped there several time with our kids when they were small :)

07-28-2008, 01:54 PM
This is a difficult one that you have to figure out what works best for you. We've been in business for 26 years and still have a rate only based on 2 people and 1 car. Each person that comes in for overnight has to be registered through the software and gets a parking pass and pays the per person/car fee. People that are just in for the day get a colored window tag and don't have to register through the software and pay a per person fee. At 9PM security goes around and gets the cars with colored passes out the gate so only overnight people are here.

We've thought about making our rates include more people but then we would have to raise our rates which would price us higher then our area camps and might deter the smaller or singles from coming. It's just a confusing part of the business!