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Mill Bridge
11-21-2013, 07:51 AM
We would like to begin pretraining work campers and others prior to hiring that person. my idea is to use "gotomeeting" or "logmein" and set up a group call in training session.

Has anyone done this with success. If so, how? What platforms work best?



Randy@DCVRV Park
11-21-2013, 03:52 PM
I have used a lot of different remote meeting softwares both in my career(almost 40yrs IT Manager) and here at the RV Park. IMO, a lot will depend upon how much bandwidth both you, and your trainee, has available.

We use Logmein for our current IT guy when remote support is needed, and it seems to work great. Of course, the RV Park is on a business-class circuit, and our IT guy is on an OC3, so bandwidth is not a problem.

I used both Gotomeeting and another I cannot remember now(it was a Micro$oft product) when working, and they performed well, too. So, from my experiences, whatever software you choose will probably work OK from a software standpoint.

Another thing would be what your remote trainee would have to download, if anything. Logmein was a simple connect to their web host, click/bang, we're in. Gotomeeting was the same as I recall but that was a few years ago. . . :-\

Regardless, as I started with, I think the determining factor would be what your trainee has available for bandwidth. Bandwith = speed and functionality. If your trainee is somewhere that the bandwidth is very low, or throttled(restricted by the provider), you could get very poor performance, making it difficult to conduct a training session regardless of what software you choose.

I'd suggest that you try a couple of test-runs with whichever product you want to try, just to see what works or doesn't. That'll give you a chance to know more about how it will behave when you get ready to train.

Mill Bridge
11-22-2013, 01:59 PM
Thanks for the helpful info.

I didn't think about the trainees bandwidth (ours is business class too). I'm excited to give this strategy a go, wish us luck.

Take Care,