View Full Version : Campers on Sex Offenders List

01-20-2015, 11:17 AM
I recently became aware that one of my seasonal campers is a registered sex offender and has paid in full . As required by law, he has listed the campground address as his place of domicile during his stay. Being a family oriented campground, my first reaction was to politely return his money and cancel his booking. I have not taken any action yet. This brings up a number of questions. 1) How would you handle this situation. 2) As campground owners and managers, what liability would we have, if, God forbid, an incident were to take place with and/or without our knowledge of the campers status. 3) If there is exposure to liability, do we need to investigate each and every transitional, weekly, monthly or seasonal campers that we book. 4) Would these questions extend to people involved in domestic violence or other questionable activities? Maybe I'm being overly paranoid but I feel this situation must be addressed. I'm sure this topic has been discussed somewhere in this forum. If so, please direct me to the discussion.