View Full Version : Fly by night RV Clubs

12-20-2017, 05:06 PM
Hello and Greetings to everyone, So with the current influx in people RVing there has also been a few new RV Clubs pop up as well one inparticular i would like to bring your attention to All American RV Club, I recieved a holiday greeting card from them today so being the first time i have heard about them i decided to check out their website and was surprised to see our park listed as one of their network of campgrounds offering a 50% discount I tried calling their number but no answer also no response to an email as well so i started looking at the other RV Parks they listed and started calling them and like me they were unaware of the website and the discounts they were supposedly giving the club members. So as a warning to other RV Parks out there check out all these fly by night RV Clubs to avoid any embarassment in the future.