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Thread: Too quiet here...

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    I guess I'm a little late in joining this discussion, but I just wanted to mention I'm a new user with the software and when I can't find an answer to my question through the help feature or on the forum, I prefer to post my question on the forum instead of sending an email directly.

    To me, it helps for several reasons. For one. if anyone else is having the same problem I am, hopefully my post will help them. In turn, that might help Stan from answering a lot of emails with the same question. Also, if someone else knows the answer or an alternative to a question I have, I would like their opinion.

    It's just great to have an open line of communication with the company because the software is so vital to our business.

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    I don't know about not asking, or posting the "Advanced Configuration" questions somewhere in the forums. I am going through the set up process now and going though what many of you have already gone through. Things like adding fields on dialogues, figuring out how to do "Late Check-outs" and have the right charge for the different site types. LOL ... I am feeling like a dunder-head. I have been making headway and Stan is Awesome with his responses, but with a community of other Users I know I am not the first to ask these question, or the last I suppose. The news letters have a lot of info in them but no search feature, so I have been trying to read them all. Here in the forums could be a "Newbie" or "Start-up" thread. It is getting easier the more I play with it, but the boss wants to go live with it soon ...

    I sometimes feel like I am overthinking things only to find out I wasn't thinking at all!

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