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    Default E Mail drop down menu

    After we implemented Camp Ground Master in January of last year, We discontinued mailing credit card receipt, invoices and statements. We required an e mail address from the customer and after completing the transaction the staff would e mail the statement or bill. Only a handfull of customers required a snail receipt. The cost savings paid for your program several times over. We asked for feed back from the park staff and they asked if your could provide a drop down menu much (like the receipt drop down option) listing several e mail choices. We customized the e mail to cover the wide variety of invoices, statement, confirmations and cancellations in a canned form. Still the staff has to manually enter a remark or other wording with each transaction. Hopefully you'll consider adding this option in a future releases.
    Thank for all your help.

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    One way you can already do this is by creating multiple E-mail "Form" definitions -- when there is more than one Form definition with the Form Type "E-mail", then you will be given a list to choose from when you click "E-mail Confirmation" from the Quote/Confirmation dialog.

    So now you need to know how to add E-mail form definitions. You can import a sample definiton that duplicates the standard confirmation E-mail. See the documentation here:

    ... and in particular read the paragraph "Making other changes to the default formats -- Importing and changing templates".

    Beyond that it should mostly be a matter of going through the form definition and changing the elements as needed -- specifically, change the "Data" elements that get the text from the Settings into "Text" elements with the text you actually want to show.
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