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    Default checks as payment type

    When I select cc or cash as the payment type the amount paid stays filled in with the amount due, however, when I select Check as the payment type, that field automatically clears having to be re-filled in manually. I have tried changing several settings, but am sure if I delve any deeper I will mess up everything Is there a way to change this?

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    This is the way it's designed (based on the payment method) -- it's essentially to force you to look at the check and make sure it's the right amount instead of making it too easy to zip on by and end up with an account paid in full when it really isn't.

    (For cash payments you're presumably going to enter the amount tendered which will take care of it, and for credit cards it assumes the full amount will be processed).
    Stan Spielbusch
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    Oh, ok. I guess I will just have to deal with it then. Thx

    since we are on the subject.... Can I set it up to default to "Cash"
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