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Thread: Greetings from Look Park in Western Mass.

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    Smile Greetings from Look Park in Western Mass.

    Hi everyone, been a campground master user for about 2.5 years now. Love the program and we are continually learning tricks. Look Park is a private Non-Profit Recreation park with over 150 picnic tables and 7 pavilions along with three wedding facilities and a banquet facility (all of which are reserved through Campground Master). After a whole bunch of changes and tweaks we have been using the program and are finding life much easier.

    I'm putting a lot of thought into online reservations and just looking into accepting credit cards through x-charge. Would love to hear anybody's feedback on either. We have a very limited IT knowledge base here and most of the training is done by me so I'm really hesitant to jump to any new, IT based, processes unless it is SUPER easy.

    Thanks everyone and Hello!

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    Default Hi Look Park

    Hi from Misty River Cabins & RV Resort in the Smoky Mountains.
    CGM is great! Glad you have found you way to the board.

    We are accepting credit cards through x-charge and it works great. But we are looking around and found better rates with other providers. So… we are getting ready to switch soon. If you are in Mass. you may want to check with MA Association of Campground Owners. Most state associations will offer CC processing thru the association.

    MA Association of Campground Owners
    P.O. Box 1217
    South Dennis, MA 02660
    FAX 508/394-3038
    Paula & Jack Carroll, Executive Director's

    Good Luck,

    Jimmy Felton
    Misty River Cabins & RV Resort

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