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    Lightbulb Inventory Management

    Hello, we use the POS option as we have a ships store with many items. When I am looking for an inventory item which I want to delete I have to use the Maintenance/POS/Inventory item option as the POS/Find inventory item option does not allow deletions. ( I think!)
    But within the maintenance of items there is no way to search or list in a certain order, which makes it hard to find a specific item.
    I have to look down a list of hundreds to find one.
    Would it be possible to include a search option there, preferably one that allows scanning of a barcode.
    Also, when an inventory item is added, the program does not detect if the bar code already exists so duplication can occur ( which is when I then have to find and delete an item later!)
    Please let me know if I am missing something or if it is possible to add these options to an upgrade.
    Also, thinking of upgrades, do you send a notice to users when an upgrade is available, we have used the program for just over a year. We did download the latest version recently as we added 2 work stations but I dont recall getting any emails about new versions.
    Sorry for all the questions, we are enjoying your program

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    Leaving out the Delete function from POS / Find Inventory was an oversight, and will be corrected in the next release. However from Maintenance / POS / Inventory, if you click Add New... and then use the Find button there, then the Delete option will be available when you view the item.

    That's also a way to look for duplicates before adding new items, though adding automatic duplicate-checking for new items is a good idea.

    We do E-mail notices when updates are available, but there hasn't been one in almost a year (very busy on a major release).
    Stan Spielbusch
    [Forum Administrator]

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