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    Default Networking Receipt Printer

    I want to be able to network a receipt printer from the master computer. I have the printer shared and added the shared printer on the other computer but am not able to print to it. I can ping the master computer and see all the shared files and folders on it but when I print a transaction from campground master it is not able to print to it. On another note the printer on the master computer is NOT able to print a test page, but when I print from campground master and select the "3" Receipt Printer direct to port" option it works fine.

    The printer that i am using is a Epson TM U220.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    It sounds like you have a parallel or serial printer set up to use direct-to-port on the master. Doing it this way, it's not possible to share the printer because sharing requires a Windows printer driver to be installed on both computers, and a printer driver blocks the functioning of direct-to-port.

    So in order to share the printer, you need to re-do the printer setup and use a driver, and disable the direct-to-port settings to use the other receipt selections instead.

    Here are details:

    To undo what Windows did or if the printer is not recognized by Windows (e.g. shows "unavailable"):

    Download and run this repair tool:

    For detailed instructions, click this link:


    The driver for the Epson receipt printer can be downloaded directly using this link:

    If you're using Windows Vista 64-bit, use this one instead:

    Once it's downloaded, you need to Run it to install the driver. Follow the instructions on screen to select the appropriate printer model, interface (USB), etc. Do not connect the printer until it either prompts you or installation is complete.

    For details on setting up the printer, see the documentation on this page:

    Further details on connecting the cash drawer to the receipt printer can be found here:

    Once you have all this done on the master, install the driver again on the other computer, selecting the network option for the printer connection. The rest should be pretty much the same procedure (selecting the printer in CM, setting up the cash drawer if needed, etc.).
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