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Thread: Monthly RVers Not Paying

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    Default Monthly RVers Not Paying

    Just ran into a new situation for us.

    We have one RVer who has been paying monthly for the first two months. However now for the past two months they have not paid anything and have been avoiding contact with our staff.

    What I'd like to find out here from other owner/managers is what they do in this kind of situation.

    Thank you.

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    Generally, you shouldn't wait that long to be paid. It would seem that this customer is avoiding you because they are unable to pay.

    If this is a long time returning customer, you should approach them with a smile and try to discover the reason for not paying. This should have been done on the first or second day of non-payment. You don't want to destroy a good customer over something trivial.

    As you have allowed two months of non-payment, it would seem as if this customer might be abusing your good nature and has NO intention on paying-- and is just waiting for (what probably should have been done days after non-payment) EVICTION.

    You'll probably not see a penny of what is owed, but cut your losses and chalk it up to a learning experience.

    Good luck!

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    Default Get rid of them!

    When we have a non paying customer on an RV site, we ask them nicely when they will be by the office to pay for the site. Most often the customer will give as a date in the next few days and we will wait for the date to arrive and see if we get paid. If we do not see them on that date, we will leave a note inside an envelope taped to the RVs door asking them to come to the office to see us that day. If we still donít see them in the next 24 hours, our next note taped to the door if I canít catch them in the park explains that we will be moving there RV into our storage lot sometime in the next 24 hours until the charges are paid.

    If they have no intensions of paying us, they will hook up and sneak out of the park that same day. We will lose a few days rent, but it more than pays for it self in not having a lot of aggravation.

    If itís been two months and they have not attempted to find you and try to work something out, you will never see the money. Itís time to get rid of them. If you donít have a storage lot, tell them the tow truck will be here at noon the next day. Itís better to let them sneak out and be done with them.

    Good Luck !
    Jimmy Felton
    Misty River Cabins & RV Resort

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    Default Late pays

    About 90% of our park are monthly renters. Most pay on time or within a day or two of their due date.

    If they are about 3 days overdue, we will put a copy of their bill on their door with the due date highlighted and remind them that if they are more than 5 days late they will incur a late fee. Usually that is all that is needed.

    Occasionally we get some that cannot pay on time and if they come and talk with us we will work something out and usually not charge the late fee. The longest we will let anyone go without making arrangements for at least partial payment is 2 weeks and that is only if they have not been on site for several days.

    We have not had any skip yet for non-payment, but we have had occasion to block their RV's at their site so they could not leave without talking to us and paying. That is a nice passive persuader. They pay and we remove the blockage.

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    Default monthly non-payers

    We require a valid credit card on file. It is written in our monthly park users rules, that if they do not pay within 3 days of the rent being due, then the rent plus a $25 late fee will be charged to their card. They sign the rental contract, so if we were to need to use it, they have authorized the charge. So far we have never had to use it. Knock on wood!

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