I like to take 360 degree panoramic images with my camera. It involves using a fisheye lens that captures images 180 degrees by 180 degrees, then you stitch them together at the seams to make one big picture. They can be displayed flat on a webpage or with a plug in to make it interactive.
For example I took one with my friends on their motorcycles all in a circle around me, then went back and put myself in the picture sitting on my motorcycle, without this process theres no way we could have taken a picture like this with all of us in it together, I printed in 20 X 40 inches and have it hanging in my living room, and gave the file to everyone in the pic to have printed

I cant really display it here, its too big - but you can look at it here:
Theres also lots of my other work on that site, and some real nice ones of Southwest Louisiana