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    Default Campground Master Integrator

    My name is Ron, I own a IT company in Louisiana. I write websites and install computer networks for local area business', though I have an RV and will travel. Currently I'm working on a project at Cajun Palms RV Resort. They use Campground Master, Online Reservations, and the pos option on 9 machines, 2 of which are running a full blown Bar and a Concession stand with a cashless system.
    I installed and maintain their entire network, cashless system, access control (Gates and spike strips), Wi-Fi Hotspots, video camera surveillance systems, alarms, home automation controllers, and whole house audio.

    Please contact me via PM or email if your intrested in any of my services
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    Question Campground Master Integrator

    Need advise on stting up a wifi hotspot including purchasing hardware etc.

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    Default Wi-Fi Hotspots

    There is some info about the software and hardware I use on my website (
    As far as the hardware in the field you really need a professional site survey to determine how many devices you need in the field. Wi-Fi is effected by many factors, one site might need one device while another of the same size could take 2 or 3. I have been back and forth many times with these equipment manufacturers, all the good ones tell you they can't guarantee anything without a site survey, and if you get someone selling you equipment that says you don't need a site survey there just simply trying to make a sale.
    If you would like to send me a sitemap of your property I can do a quick preliminary evaluation and send you some pricing information.
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    Arrow WiFi - Doing it Yourself

    Quote Originally Posted by Warren View Post
    Need advise on stting up a wifi hotspot including purchasing hardware etc.
    We started offering WiFi totally by accident. A few years back, we talked with a couple companies and got quotes. Sorry but 10K for a system with a 3 yr life expectancy was totally out of the question.

    I ended up buying a regular wireless router and a wireless card for the computer.Worked great for our needs at the time.

    One of our campers came up and asked if they could use our connection to the Internet. He was a teacher at Purdue for computer forensics and was curtious enough to ask permission. He loaned me a device and I found that this particular router was sending a strong enough signal to reach 60% of our sites.... WOW Kewl.... for awhile anyway.

    We have a broadband cable connection and offer "free" WiFi in select areas. Setting up a network to collect fees will require alot more money for equipment and should probably be set up by a pro.

    I started my learning of wireless. I soon found we had people stopping at a gas station near our entrance to use "our" connection to the net. (They were actually stealing our connection and band width).

    I then set up the security to the router. (Now this is the first thing I do when installing a wireles router)

    Well, this router eventually stopped working and Linksys changed their products, the newer routers didn't have the range. We've been through many routers since... one every couple months...

    OKAY, to our current solution.... We have totally eliminated wireless routers, they do not last, period.

    But we "need" to provide our guests with WiFi, so the search was on. I found a company through a trade magazine, contacted them and discussed our needs. I found that we needed to install an access point (AP) but it needed to be hard-wires. Since I already had a cat 5 cable going to our main building, that wasn't an obstacle. But I needed to use the Cat 5 for the computer. I simply connected a 5 port hub, thus allowing me to connect the computer and AP.

    The AP I chose has a range of 1.86 miles line of site. It ound like a long distance, but considering, every wall, tree and, RV creates an obstruction, it may not be strong enough to reach all corners of our facility. It does reach all of our monthly sites and most all our overnight sites with services.

    So, in short, it is possible to set up a WiFi with a regular store bought router. But, keep in mind, you will be replacing the router on a regular basis.

    We now have 5 computers hard wired through a Broadband Router (not wireless) connected to a 8 port hub. From the hub we are hard wired to another hub which is wired to a commercial AP mounted to the peak of our recreation room. We also have another (household) AP in our house as the outside AP signal is being deflected from a couple metal roofs. (I get a low signal, but wanted a better connection for when I am on the laptop).

    The outdoor AP cost us $359. the broadband router cost about $49., the indoor AP was about $40. The hubs costs about $30 each.

    In all, we have less than $700 invested in our network. (Well over $1400 if you include the failed wireless routers), this expense was over a period of 2 years as we expanded our network considerably.

    Since we just redid our network, it's too soon to tell how long this equipment will last. We will consider adding a comercial "repeater" in the spring to provide WiFi to our seasonal campers. Our property has "alot" of trees which will interfere with the range of the AP.

    Though I am not in the business to sell this service, this post is to state that even a novice can learn and install a working system. I have moderate computer knowledge.

    Good Luck and Happy Computing!!!!

    Components needed:
    Broadband or DSL (always on connection)
    Broadband Modem (from your ISP)
    Broadband Router
    Access Point(s)
    Cat 5 (or Cat 6) cables to connect equipment and computers to the network.
    Hub/Switch(s) to meet the number of ports you may require.

    Series of equipment:
    Modem to BB Router to hub(s) to AP
    (Hard wired computers, network printers, and network cameras connect to the router and hubs)

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    We have been using a "Ganley" system for about 5 yrs in two parks. The website is:
    This system is not too expensive, we paid around $600.00 and covers our park good. (about 10 acres with some trees)

    What is nice about this system is the features it has.
    1) We control access with codes.
    2) Automatic controls amount of time customer uses the system. ( 30 minutes to permanent client)
    3)Automatic band width usage. (limits amount of bandwith a customer can use)

    and much more.
    We like this system very much. Call Jim Ganley for more info, the number is on the website.

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    Default Need help installing CampGround Master?

    Hi All! I am available to be a Workamper and install, setup and train folks at your Campground or RV Park on Campground Master. You provide the hardware and software, I will provide the technical expertise.

    Am finishing a successful installation in Florida right now (2014), and heading back to the Northeast in the spring. Willing to provide services for use of site, etc. for anyone east of the Mississipi River (including Canada). Prefer to be north in the summer months, and south in the winter months. Excellent references are available. Email or call me if interested. :-) I will email a Workamper resume on request.

    Note: CampMaster can be up and running within a month's time.... and I can administer system from a distance and on the road if required.

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    Happy Camping
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