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    Is there a setting to allow CGM to quick pick sites when a customer makes a rez?
    If not, the enhancement I would like to see (if it is not already there) is that CGM would pick a site for that rez using the info the customer gives.

    If a guest needs a 50 amp pull thru with phone access, CGM would pick a site
    that closes fits that info.


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    In the New Reservation dialog, it will show the appropriate sites if you have "Show Available" and "Use Preferences" checked, and select the site type and other preferences you want (50A, phone, etc.). So then all you have to do is double-click in one of those sites.

    You can have it always select Show Available and Use Preferences by default, under Maintenance / Program Options / Reservations.

    If you don't have things like Phone and 50A as check boxes under Use Preferences, see:
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