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Thread: Checking in from Washington State

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    Default Checking in from Washington State

    Great idea Stan. I will be checking back here often.
    I own an RV Park in North Central Washington. Campground Master has been great for us and really appreciate all the special help getting set up with Friend Communications and the customising to make it work for us.
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    Hey, everyone, Riverbend was one of the first Campground Master users (#17 in fact), so they've been through a lot.

    They're also one of the few customers I've had the pleasure of meeting personally, back when we traveled the country in an RV. What a wonderful part of the country -- northern Washington is one of our favorite areas (at least in the summer).
    Stan Spielbusch
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    Default what????

    You mean you don't travel to each park and give a personal demonstration any more. lol That is what sold us on your system. You were the first company that even returned our call, and you were here two days later showing us how it worked. And of course the service since then has been stellar too! That is why I always recommend CM to anyone asking.

    Of course had I known we were your guinnea pigs.............tee hee

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    For all the guests just trying to decide which reservation system will work for you, try Campground Master. We tried it and Stan was right there to help with the "bugs" (actually it was my lack of computer savy!). Everytime I call with a question, he gets back to me within minutes. What great service! That alone would be a selling point for me---I don't have time to try to figure these things out.
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