This affects only users of Windows XP with service pack 2 (SP2) installed.

THE SYMPTOM: After installing version 4.2 or later, you might experience a problem when opening Campground Master where it says that it doesn't have a database defined, and asks you if you want to load the sample database. Of course you should answer "No", but then you get a blank <Untitled> database.

Similarly, if you're just setting up a database it may not remember its location the next time you start Campground Master.

THE CAUSE: The reason for this is that one of the changes in version 4.2 is the location where it stores some configuration settings (the Campground Master.ini file). This is where it keeps track of the auto-open database, printer settings, networking settings, etc. It's now stored in the "Shared Documents" folder, which is where Microsoft says to put all common data to be shared among users.

We're finding that there is a known issue with Windows XP that sometimes makes the "Shared Documents" folder inaccessible. So far it seems pretty rare, but it's a serious problem not only for Campground Master but also for other software that follows the Microsoft specifications, like Adobe Acrobat installations. We're considering a workaround that would revert to the old location if this happens, but any workaround could also pose other problems and is not ideal. Besides, you're better off fixing it on your system so other software works as expected also.

THE SOLUTION: The best information I've found so far on fixing it is detailed below. Again, you only need to do this if you experience the symptom mentioned above. If it opens your previous database as expected (and/or remembers the default database location), then there is no need to do this.

First close Campground Master, then follow these steps:

1. Choose Start > Run, type %allusersprofile% in the Open box (including the % signs), and then click OK. That should open the "All Users" folder and show a list of folders in it.

2. Right-click the Documents folder (which might be called Shared Documents), and choose Properties.

3. Click the Sharing tab, and then unselect "Share This Folder on network" if it is selected, or if itís NOT selected, then select it and enter an arbitrary Share name such as "Docs".

4. Click Apply.

5. If you had to unselect the box in step 3, now select it again.

6. Also select "Allow network users to change my files" (if it's not already), then click Apply, then OK.

Now re-open Campground Master, and it should remember its old database and settings -- or if you're just setting up, now when you set the default database to be the current database (in Mainenance / Program Options / Database) it will remember it.