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    Question POS sales tracking

    We include the campers name on all POS sales. However, when we go back to "Find receipt" we can see all but the campers name. Since we sell a lot of propane we can have several entries that say propane, but without checking on each receipt we cannot tell who it was sold to. We have to click on each entry to see who it was sold to. This becomes quite frustrating when we are trying to double check and make sure we did not miss someone or want to quickly call up a receipt to reprint. Is there a way to add the name to that report?

    Also, in the same vein.....sometimes the clerk forgets to add the name to the sales receipt. Once the sale is completed, you can go back and delete items from it, but you cannot add the customers name. Is there a way to edit the receipt to do so without having to delete the entire receipt and start over with a new one?

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    The "Find Receipt" function is intended for use when you have a specific receipt number you're looking for. If you want to browse receipts by customer name, you can use the Transactions tab view in details mode. Go to the Transactions TAB VIEW, on the far right -- NOT the Transactions MENU at the top. If it's not showing teh default view of all transactions, click on Detail Options and use the Reset... button to reset it to details view.

    No, there isn't any way to link transactions to a custeorm after they are completed.
    Stan Spielbusch
    [Forum Administrator]

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