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Thread: Reservation Transactions - Select Rates Dropdown

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    Default Reservation Transactions - Select Rates Dropdown

    Is it possible to set the 'Override auto-selction. (To see ALL rates).' to be set 'ON' by default, or to set the 'Show Rate Type' drowdown field to 'All Rate Types' by default?

    Some people find it easier to have the entire population shown at the start and filter down to a smaller population if they want to restrict what they see.

    I searched the list of Control Id but did not find an appropriate Id/field to modify and I also searched the Forum sfor any information, but came up with no results.

    I imagine it should be a simple editing of a dialog.

    Can you assist me with this. Thanks Bob

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    It's not possible to modify the Select Rates dialog. If it's not showing all of the rates applicable to the given reservation without checking "Override", then you have mistakes in the Rates Setup (rates are defined with incorrect "Applies only too" conditions, for instance, or they're not the correct Rate Type like Rental or Add-On). Auot-Rates rules apply for showing rates on the Select Rates list:
    Stan Spielbusch
    [Forum Administrator]

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