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Thread: networking stopped working

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    Default networking stopped working

    Hey Stan, My two computers have been working networked just fin up until today. For some reason I can not get my satellite computer to connect to the main computer. I checked the IP address and it is correct. I checked the internet connection and it works fine. the trouble shooting said to check the port #, but I don't know what it should be. I have not made any changes to my system, so don't know how this happened. Any idea what direction I should look to get this fixed?

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    The port number can be just abotu anything above 1000, as long as it's set the same in the Network Setup of each computer. We use 6010 by default.

    Have you rebooted both computers?

    Re-check the master's IP after rebooting?

    Go to Show IP Address on the client also, just to make sure it doesn't say there's no network detected. (It's IP will be different than the master, of course).

    If all else looks OK, then most likely Windows or some other software was updated that caused firewalls settings to block everything (perhaps the dreaded "Windows auto-update Tuesday".)
    Stan Spielbusch
    [Forum Administrator]

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    Default networking probs

    Thanks Stan. I didn't think to reboot the master since it was working fine. oops. Everything appears to be functioning properly now.

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    Default networking issues

    Hi Stan, this has been an ongoing issue for a very long time now. Until about a year ago it was an intermittent problem, then stopped connecting all together. So all last season, i was unable to use my second computer. I have now completely scrubbed my laptop and started from scratch, and still same problem. I have checked that CGM is checked as an exception in the firewalls of both computers, I have tried using both the ip of the master computer AND the router,neither of those work. I see instructions for configuring router for port forwarding, but it is greek to me, and since it used to work, why would I have to do that now? I am very confused at this whole situation and am ready to hire someone to set it up, but am afraid that they wont be able to figure it out either. Everything else with this program has been so easy to navigate, so the fact that i can't figure this out has me frustrated. Any advice before i throw money at it?

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    The router / port forwarding setup only applies if you're connecting through the internet -- i.e. if the 2 computers aren't on the same local network.

    I'm assuming you're familiar with the basic network setup (get the master's IP, and set that in the client's Network Setup). If that's set correctly and it's not working, and assuming that they ARE on teh same local network and the error is like "Verify the IP and port settings, check firewall, etc.", then basically there are 2 possibilities:

    1. The client can't see the master on the network. You can check this by trying to Ping the master from the client. Here are some tutorials on using Ping:

    2. If Ping works, then there's a firewall problem. You may have more than one firewall, and it might be that a silent update is causing it to block programs that were previously set as exceptions (upgrading Campground Master will also cause most firewalls to block until the exception is reset).

    Either of the above 2 issues will likely be something a computer tech can fix. Just make sure he takes a few minutes to read our networking setup documentation to understand what's needed.
    Stan Spielbusch
    [Forum Administrator]

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    Default networking issues...still

    Ok, computer tech and i both baffled.
    1. Checked data base names, (same)
    2. Checked IP's
    3. Checked port #'s
    4. software versions both 7.0
    5. Both computers vista home premium
    6. Pings ok in both directions.
    7. completely turned of system firewalls, both computers
    8. Completely turned off avast, both computers.
    9. Checked for firewall on router, didnt' see one
    10. rebooted both computers and went through list again.
    still wont connect. Now what?

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    I'm assuming the error message you're getting is telling you to "Verify the IP and port settings, check firewalls, etc...". (If it's anything else then that's important.)

    If Ping works, and the IP addresses of both computers are the same up to the last number (which of course must be different on each computer), and they're on the same network (accessing the internet through the same router), then the only explanation is that some other software is blocking it. Do you have any other security software (Norton, McAffee, ZoneAlartm, etc.)?

    By the way, detailed troubleshooting like this is best done through E-mail, not the forum.
    Stan Spielbusch
    [Forum Administrator]

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    Default network issues

    ok, I will email you, or call tomorrow. Just thought others might have the same issue and be able to shed some light on the situation, or, maybe this thread could help someone else in the future

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