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Thread: friend communications integration

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    Angry friend communications integration

    Well, it has happened and I am not happy. I have not had an overbooking in 8 years. Mainly because campground master is a wonderful tool to keep organized. My problem is, that I was too trusting of the online integration with friend communications. Now I find that I have an overbooking for this coming weekend. how can their computer not see a reservation that has been on my books since June 9th, and just write over it. Grrrr. A careful check of their records compared to mine shows many inconsistencies. I am fortunate it didn't happen sooner, but now I am faced with calling a customer and explaining what happened (when I really don't know what happened). Anyone else notice reservations not showing on the proper date or site?
    I guess I will wait for a call back from friend comm. tomorrow and pray for a cancellation.

    This doesn't seem to be a Campground Master problem, but I did not know where else to vent. Thanks for listening

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    Default friend communications integration

    Here's a related CGM question. When the download/upload happens there is a report of inconsistencies. Is there a way to print that list. Can't copy and paste the list.

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    Friend Comm. has made some changes to their server and it seems to be causing some sync problems recently. One thing to be aware of is that when you look at individual orders on their system, it will only show the original sites/dates of the orders. If you changed the site or date after it's imported, it won't change in the original order -- but it *should* be reflected on their grid, and *should not* cause problems/discrepancies when syncing. (They supposedly hide the original order from CM and use a separate "hold" for the new version.)

    However they seem to have some major issues with the change right now, hopefully to be resolved shortly.

    Regarding the list -- When it initially shows up, it's a standard "message box". A little-known trick in Windows is that you can simply use Ctl-C to copy the entire message box text to the clipboard, and then you can paste it into Word, etc. You can also go back to the Alerts in CM (View / Alerts), View the selected alerts details, and then use the mouse to highlight the details in the large (possibly scrolling) detail area. Then Ctrl-C will work to copy it from there also.
    Stan Spielbusch
    [Forum Administrator]

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    Default friend communications integration

    Thanks for the reply Stan. They did call me back this morning, and are working on it. Apparently not fixed yet, but hopefully soon.

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    Please keep us posted on how things are working for you.
    We did use friend communications in the past with the old system. We never got there old system to work without problems. So after a year we dropped them. The new set up sounds good, but I donít want to go thru the headaches of setting it up in till ALL of the bugs are worked out.

    As you have seen in the old cowboy shows, the 1st cowboy thru the door always gets shot! So I want wait and see it work and hear some good things about friend communications system before we think about trying it again.

    Thanks for going 1st
    Jimmy Felton
    Misty River Cabins & RV Resort

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    Default friend communications integration

    The issues were ironed out by the next day. My only customer service complaint is lack of weekend support. This was the first time I really needed it, so I was frustrated, but all in all, I think they handled it well.
    Apparently they had just done an upgrade and didn't have all the bugs worked out.

    As for the first cowboy theory..... Somehow, I usually end up being the first through the door. Gahhhhhh!

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