With all of the flooding, tornadoes, and forest fires that have happened in the past few months, I would imagine that some of our Campground Master customers might be affected by them. Whenever we see a new disaster on the news, we think about this and our sympathies go out to them.

Hopefully anyone in business carries adequate insurance to cover such natural disasters. One thing that you don't have to worry about is your Campground Master software -- you can always download it again from our web site without having to purchase a new license.

However, one thing that insurance won't cover and we can't help with is your data. We had an article in our newsletter recently about making sure you have adequate backups, where we mentioned the importance of an off-site backup in case of disaster. I know of one customer who was a behind in their backups when a fire destroyed everything. Can you imagine the panic at losing all of your customer data, reservations for the whole season, and financial records? Don't wait, do it now and do it often!

You can read the article here:

Once again, our thoughts go out to those who have had to deal with these disasters. Of course if you need any help getting Campground Master back up and running again, please call us.