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    Default Reservation cards

    At my campground, we have posts with clips that hold up the reservation cards. The cards include each individuals name, campsite, etc. We have problems with people pulling off reservation cards and posting theirs, or the cards getting blown away. Does anyone have any suggestions for what they use and how well it works?


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    After hours, we post the customer name and site on the inside of the office glass door.

    You may want to find a way to post a list where you can lock it behind glass.
    Jimmy Felton
    Misty River Cabins & RV Resort

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    Default Camp site Pass Holder

    Our reservation site pass (6.5" X 3.5") is constructed of card stock material and the staff uses a sharpie to enter the site information, name, date in and date out etc. At each camp site is a post with the site number and the pass holder is bolted to the post. The holder is consrtucted by our maintenance staff and consist of pressure treated lumber, with an wooden overhang covered by a plexglass cover with a small opening for the pass. The camper upon arrival at the site slids the site pass into the holder at his assigned site.. The system has worked for many years rarely does the site pass become damaged or lost. After checkout the evening ranger walkes the campground and removes any expired site passes. And we post a listing on the office door for late arrivals either the evening ranger will meet up with the campers or they are instructed to report to the office first thing the next morning. IF neeeded I can e mail a photo of our site pass holder if necessary.

    Ranger Healy
    Carbon County Park

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