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    Several of the staff have requested and asked if you can provide additional e-mail support for your program. Now the employees can choose from several canned e-mail forms, such as reservations, cancellations, confirmations, etc. We have created special receipts that address every situtation from camping rentals to lease agreements, such as boat mooring and storage that require a signature. Once a transaction for boat mooring or storage has been completed we e mail a receipt and need to send the special receipt for the customers signature. Is there any way we can attach or e-mail the special receipt directly from Campground Master to the customer or add it as an attachment to the receipt.


    Carbon County Parks
    Gerard Healy

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    No, we don't support attachments to the E-mails through Campground Master yet, but will be doing that eventualy. For now you would have to do that with your normal E-mail program.
    Stan Spielbusch
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