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    Default Drivers License Scan

    {} Would it be possible to slide a campers DL thru the CC scanner and extract their Name and Address into Campground Master?

    If so, do you think the customers would go for it? or complain? {/}
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    I've heard this mentioned once or twice before, either for extracting the information or for looking up customers.

    While it's technically feasible (with some variances in driver's license info available by state and probably a mess of support issues due to differences), I agree that it may not be received well by customers. I've never been anywhere (and I don't just mean campgrounds) that requested my driver's license to be scanned. I would probably be rather suspicious and reluctant. At the very least you would have to explain the reason to every customer. Then you would have to reassure them that you're not gathering information that you shouldn't be, like a social security number (how many people even know what's on their driver's license mag stripe?)

    While we do have it on our "wish list", it's very low priority right now. With a bit of work you could actually do it with some dialog customizations, if you really wanted it.
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    Default DL scan

    Understood, and just for those of you that don't know - You can open up notepad and run your dl thru the cc scanner to see whats on you DL Stripe if your curious
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    Default has the solution, free to try!

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