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    Talking Texas checking in

    We are located in Waskom, TX...which is just 2 miles from the Louisiana border along I-20. We have been using CM since 2005. The owner set up the program and did the minimal stuff to get it to work. When I started working here, I started going thru it and tweaking it every way I can. I am constantly looking for more ideas and ways to do things with the program.

    We are a small park - 60 spaces - and mostly have long term campers so we do not get to use the program to its fullest capabilities but I use as much as I can.

    Hope to get a lot more info from this forum and maybe contribute a thing or two as well.

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    Wink Tworootless Checking In

    Howdy all
    We are quite active on a couple of other forums and have been full timing for 9 years. We're both published free-lance writers as well.
    Currently we're WKing outside of Brownsville, PA managing the resort Café'. When we feel burnt out from Cafe'work, we find positions working reservations. I have also thought and set up a POS utilizing Campground Manager (sorry) at a couple of parks.
    This resort is a magnificent park. Although there are 400 sites, 300 are taken by seasonal's. The owners are old school, computer shy, and will not consider an electronic reservations system. A few weeks ago I thought I convinced the daughter to download Campground Master since she is interested in electronic reservations. Unfortunately I imagine old school thinking has won out and she has not downloaded the program. Over and out for now!

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    Weclome tworootless!

    Thanks for at least trying to get the park into the computer age with Campground Master. We do find that a lot, though, they just have to be ready for computerizing. We can't blame them for not wanting to change their ways just yet, but we'll be here when they're ready!

    Here's an anecdote that may help convince people -- one of our customers said that their cash receipts went up $5000 in the first month of using Campground Master. Why? Because the clerk could no longer, um, "forget" to record the receipts and put the money in the till.
    Stan Spielbusch
    [Forum Administrator]

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