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    Hi Stan,
    I can't seem to get my how found option to work right.
    If we forget to select "how found", the warning box comes up, but instead of letting (or making) us go back and fill it in, it moves forward anyway, then we need to remember and go back later to fill it in. I would like it to not let us move forward without the how found selected..

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    Did you check the boxes at the bottom of the event action, "Execute action before..." and "Abort..."? This was step 6 in the example:
    Stan Spielbusch
    [Forum Administrator]

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    Default how found

    yep, that is what I didn't do. By the time I got to step 6 my head was exploding. It must have just shut down there. I am NOT tech savy, and that was too much for my pea brain to get around. :P

    Thanks for the info.

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