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Thread: TAB Key - sequence in Dialog Screen

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    Default TAB Key - sequence in Dialog Screen

    WE would like to change the order that TAB key flows from one data field to the next desired data field. We have not been able to find any instruction to address the order of data fields accessed by the TAB key.

    We have added some new data definitions, and have added the data fields to the appropriate Customer Detail or Reservation Detail Dialog screens. We have also removed / hidden some other unwanted data fields.

    We would now like to change the order in which TAB key processes through the various data fields.

    Has anyone successfully altered the TAB sequence?

    CGM can you provider direcetions to alter the TAB sequenceing or are with stuck with the default order? After adding new data fields to a Dialog the TAB sequence goes through all of the default fields and contro buttons before you access the new data fields.


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    There isn't a specific tab-order change function, but it is possible to do in some situations.

    Depending on the details it can be tricky, but usually you can do it with an "Action on get focus" element for the receiving field. Set it up so that if the last control to have focus was the "normal" previous control, then it sets focus to the one you want to have focus.

    For instance:

    Lets say the control ID's for the normal order are 1 followed by 2, and you want to change it so it goes from 1 to 5 instead of 1 to 2.

    Add an "Action on get focus" element for the control 2 (which normally receives focus after 1), and set the action to:

    iifq(ThisDlgCtrlLastFocus() = 1,'DlgSetFocusCtrl(5)','0')

    Repeat this for each control that needs a focus change.
    Stan Spielbusch
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