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Thread: color coding online reservations

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    Default color coding online reservations

    Hi Stan, I have been trying to figure out on my own how to color code online, guaranteed reservations to be a different color on the rack. I have found the tutorial named "Color coding special reservation types" in the newsletter archives and think that is what I need, but it is over my head technically. I can get it to color code ALL the online reservations, even the checked in ones. When I try to add the "guaranteed" part, then it doesn't work.
    This is the part that works to color ALL the online reservations (checked in and guaranteed). Resv:Resv_Type = "online res" I tried adding a separate line for the guaranteed, and separating it with a comma, and separating it with "and", to no avail. Clearly there is some technical hocus pocus I am missing here.

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    See steps 6 and 8 in that tutorial (link here for others reading this):

    You need to complete the expression by also checking the reservation's appropriate color status value. From the list in step 8, the value for guaranteed is 24, so the expression would be:

    ColorStatusResv(Resv(),ThisDate(),ThisPeriod()) = 24 AND Resv:Resv_Type = "online res"

    This means "use this rule only when the status is guaranteed AND the reservation type is online res."
    Stan Spielbusch
    [Forum Administrator]

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    Default color coding online rez

    ok, now I feel really stupid. I somehow came up with a wrong code instead of 24. this works now, just like I wanted. Thank you.

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