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    Default Parking Pass

    Sometime in the future…… in an up date far far away :-)

    Can CGM print a parking pass at the same time it prints the customer invoice?
    One that shows the site, arrive date and depart date?


    Jimmy Felton
    Misty River Cabins & RV Resort

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    Perhaps... but in the meantime, there is already a Window Tag that may serve as your parking pass. There is an option to add a "Print Window Tag" button to the transaction dialog, so that when they print a receipt it would just be one more button click to print the window tag. See Maintenance / Program Options, Functions tab.

    And of course the Window Tag could be modified through Advanced Customizations if needed.
    Stan Spielbusch
    [Forum Administrator]

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    Default WOW!


    That is just what I was looking for.
    You don't need to add a thing :-)

    Thank you again for the GREAT service.

    Jimmy Felton
    Misty River Cabins & RV Resort

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