Poll: How important is real-time online reservation support?

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Thread: Are online reservations important?

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    Default Online reservations

    We are looking in to online reservations. Friend Reservations or Webervations? That is the question? What are the pros and cons of the two?

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    Default Reservations

    I never messed with either, I'm a big fan of private label.
    I use Campground Masters built in function, no third parties! All in house
    Give it a shot before you dive into a third party solution!
    Owner of LakeCityWebs

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    Default Friend or Webervations

    In general, Reservation Friend is much more suited for campgrounds & RV parks (you also get automatic exposure in their affiliate sites), where Webervations is designed for cabins, inns, hotels, etc. with "rooms".

    We're recommending Reservation Friend because it will be better supported by Campground Master going forward, with an upcoming interface enhancement (watch for annoouncement shortly).
    Stan Spielbusch
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    Default online reservations

    I have been very impressed with the way Campground Master (ie:Stan) and Reservation Friend have communicated and worked with me to get the online reservations working well for me. Now that the bugs are worked out, it takes only about 10 seconds to download, review and finalize an online reservation.
    I am anxiously waiting for the anouncement and what is instore for the future of my online online reservations.

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    We have been thinking about taking online reservations; however, we do not want the campers to pick their sites. We ask for the type of site that they are looking for, but because we want to maximize occupancy, we assign the sites.

    Does anyone else handle reservations in the same manner.

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    Default online reservations

    That is exactly how i handle it as well. The customer gets to choose the type of site, and there is a memo box if they want to request a specific site, But i choose the exact location. Our sites are all different sizes and configurations. If I allowed the customer to pick their site, they would inevitable be trying to shoehorn a 45' bus into a 40'space. or pick a nice big site, with no view of the southern sky for their satellite. Don't tell the customer it is for maximizing occupancy though. Tell them that you can pick the site that will fit "their" needs the best.

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