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Thread: How to set tab order?

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    Question How to set tab order?

    I've successfully created a new dialog to add to the CUSTOMER info page, and it now tracks what we enter there as we want. The only thing it doesn't do is allow us to "tab" to that selection, it just bypasses it. We have to go back to that input box, and type in the data we need.

    Not a big issue, just can't figure out how to change the tab order. In ACCESS, there is a selection to set tab order on your forms. Did I miss this somewhere in the dialog creation? Well, obviously I did. . . wouldn't be asking this if I hadn't. . . .

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    New fields automatically get put at the end of the normal tab order. However you can force it somewhat by using the "Action on lose focus" dialog element for the control prior to your new field, and use the function to set focus to your control.
    Stan Spielbusch
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