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Thread: Closing out Deposit account year end to Quickbooks

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    Default Closing out Deposit account year end to Quickbooks

    We have been asked by our accountant to try and tie in the year end Deposit account balance for CM with that of quickbooks. Unfortunately, they're off.... I think.

    So, I tried to compare various reports within CM. I printed the report under the transaction tab for deposits and chose the date range we are trying to tie in. Then I printed another report under the arrivals tab for the same date range and compared the deposit totals. These totals were different within CM, shouldn't they be the same?

    I guess the best question to ask is what report should I use to do what I'm trying to do?


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    Those 2 reports have completely different results, there is not reason they would be the same (one is reporting by reservation dates, one by transaction dates -- among other things).

    The deposit "balance" could be different for many reasons. Someone may have made changes to prior transactions in CM after exporting (a no-no of course). Or the beginning balances could have been different.

    About all you could do is check the deposit balance changes for individual days in CM against the exported days (sales receipts) in QB to see if something doesn't match, indicating something was changed after the export.
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