Hello All

My wife and I have purchased a 12 acre property in the Texas hill country and are considering developing it into a destination RV Park. Our target guest will be what is known here as Winter Texans [Folks from the colder climates that winter in Texas] with no children. It has some infrastucture in place. A house, inground pool, large garage to be remodeled into the iniatial meeting room.
I am at this point working on a primary site plan. At full build out ,It will have 20-25 RV sites with 5 additional 1 bedroom cabins with full bathrooms. Additionally it will have a cantina style bar area by the pool with 2 additional rest rooms but no showers and a work out room with a full bath .
My questions have to do with the laundry/ bath house that will also be constructed. I am interested in your opinions on how many washing machines,dryers and additional bathrooms with showers would you construct for a park of this size.
Water is a precious resource in Texas. In an effort to be ecofriendly and control costs. I am wanting to recycle the gray water from our rv guest. The water wiil be treated to the state requirements and used only for landscaping purposes[ if the county will allow this]
As we are not RV'ers ourselves,my understanding is that all rv's have 2 holding tanks [black water and gray water ] Do RV'ers usally [at set up] pull both valves on the holding tanks thereby letting the black/gray water simply pass thruogh the tanks on the way to the parks sewage system or do they periodically have to go out and drain one or the other of the tanks and if this is the case is it realistic to ask a guest to move the drain hose to the gray or black water park intake port of the parks sewage system IF the park system was plumbed that way?
I look forward to all your responses. I will have many more questions in the future but my typing finger is getting tired and I need to go clear some more brush.
Thank You