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Thread: Honeywagon/Pumper/Black Water/Poopie tank scheduling

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    Question Honeywagon/Pumper/Black Water/Poopie tank scheduling

    I am evaluating this app and it seems REALLY perfect for our campground. I do have a question - we have two pumpers that are scheduled for cleaning out black water tanks based on a paid schedule.

    We used to use some other (don't remember the name) camp registration software that has gone cloud-based only, and since our campground is out in the sticks with no reliable internet, that was the end of that.

    When a camper shows up and is assigned to a site, they have the opportunity to sign up for the pumper truck to come clean out the black water since many are there for two weeks.

    My question - is there some way we can set up a schedule so as the camper arrives and pays for the pumps, they can get a 1/2 sheet of paper printout for the RV/Trailer, AND a report for the pumper guys so they can see the schedule for when to pump? We generally set it up for 30 minute blocks of time.

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    Campground Master does support "Scheduled" sites so you can do reservations in 1/2-hour increments for the pumper trucks. See the docs:

    You can link the pumper reservation to the main site reservation and put it on the same bill (use Sub-member linking).

    It would be a little trickier to do a report that would show which site the pumper reservation was linked to, but it's possible with the query function and various expression functions available.
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