Hi All! I am available to be a Workamper and install, setup and train folks at your Campground or RV Park on Campground Master. You provide the hardware and software, I will provide the technical expertise.

Am finishing a successful installation in Florida right now (2014), and heading back to the Northeast in the spring. Willing to provide services for use of site, etc. for anyone east of the Mississipi River (including Canada). Prefer to be north in the summer months, and south in the winter months. Excellent references are available. Email or call me if interested. :-) I will email a Workamper resume on request.

Note: CampMaster can be up and running within a month's time.... and I can administer system from a distance and on the road if required.

Life is short! Live it to it's fullest!
Happy Camping
Gail Gold
Wentworth, NH
Cell: 603-276-0010
Email: Officeprojsols@gmail.com