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Thread: Connecting credit card machine to computer

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    Lightbulb Connecting credit card machine to computer

    I have finally convinced our camp site that it would be more efficient to connect our credit card machine to CM. However, because of the nature of our business (we're a nudist camp site) the Board is very reluctant to go online. I know that the credit card machine currently connects through the phone line, but is it necessary for the computer to be online also? Though I am very computer savvy, I have no experience with the requirements for connecting a credit card machine to a computer.

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    As far as I know, all of the processing options we use would require an internet connection. I would recommend setting up a good firewall (not the Windows one, something like ZoneAlarm at least), and maybe even set up your hardware router to block normal web & E-mail access if you're concerned with your workers accessing the internet.
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