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Thread: Cancelation Confirmation

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    Default Need Data Expression for Refund made for Cancellation Confirmation Letter

    Ok, I'm well underway for creating my own Cancellation Confirmation Letter, but would like to print the Refunded amount in the confirmation.
    Hopefully there is a fairly direct way of getting that, since it is a Transaction type "Refund"
    Also it would be nice to print charges, such as the Cancellation Fee (we charge $10 for all cancellations regardless of date
    If the camper has cancelled with less than the required window for cancellation, the entire deposit is forfeit.

    Thanks Stan

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    There wouldn't be any easy way to selectively show certain transaction items or totals like the refund amount or cancellation fee. You would have to write a script to go through each transaction and see if it's what you want to include, etc. -- basically a very technical programming task.

    One thing you could do is include ALL transactions. There's a Sample confirmation E-mail form with transactions that you can import. It's not pretty like a PDF receipt since it's just text-based, which is why we haven't been encouraging it, but it may fit your needs and shows how to include the transaction table.

    1. Go to Maintenance / Advanced Customizations / Forms

    2. Click the Import Form(s) button, and you'll get a typical Windows file-open dialog labeled "Import Forms".

    3. You need to locate the sample Forms folder, which is typically C:\Program Files\Campground Master\Samples (most likely you just need to double-click the "Samples" folder to get there, but you may have to navigate to the C: drive first using the "Look In" drop down at the top").

    4. Now select the appropriate file, for instance "Sample Forms - E-mail confirmation with transactions", and click Open.
    Stan Spielbusch
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