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Thread: Trailer Life & Woodalls

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    I can agree with you, if it works for you then it is a good investment. Now days you have to have a way to see if the advertisements work for you and not just take the salesman word for it. Any add that works is a good place to spend money. In your case you can tell by having more GS booking.

    If you want to send me a link, ill add it to our campground link page.
    Jimmy Felton
    Misty River Cabins & RV Resort

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    Default Trailer Life & Woodalls

    lol Jimmy How about I keep the money and take a vacation???? Not that giving it to you was a bad idea

    We are a Good Sam park, so half of our advertising $$$ is the membership. Maybe for this year we will drop Woodalls, and scale down the GS and see how it goes. Baby steps I guess.

    Another thing, I am very lax about asking where people heard about us. Roughly 70% of our guests are repeat customers(thanks to campground Master for this tidbit of info), so I just forget to ask. My business new years resolution is to remember to ask every new guest how they found us.

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    We set our CGM to force us to fill in the “How Found” unless the customer is a repeat.
    With out the force in place, we would not ever get it filled in.
    Are you sure you don’t want to send me the money?
    Jimmy Felton
    Misty River Cabins & RV Resort

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    hummmm let me think... No, I think not!

    I will look into setting that as a must do. I forgot I could do that.

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    Default How heard?

    Well, I have been being much better about asking about how heard and here is my findings. It is still very early in the season, but I see a trend here...
    13% drove by saw sign
    <1% Woodalls
    8% TL
    6% google or other websearch
    10% heard from a friend or other traveller
    61% return customers
    1% other or unknown guide

    Enough I think from TL to stick with that guide for another year, but Woodall's is OUT!

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    Default Simple math

    I used simple math as my judgment. Number of people reporting the source of reservation. $2000 for add / $35 for reservation = 57 nights just to break even.
    Trailer Life made it easier for me. Their representatives were jerks so I told them to take me out of their book and stay off my campground.
    I get very few from either source. A good web page with keywords so the search engines find it gets most of my customers (after return and recommendation).

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    Default Another option - list your park on a RV park review site (free)

    Hello all,

    I hope you don't mind me replying to this thread about the advertising fees of Woodall's and Trailer Life. On a related note, I noticed that some of you are commenting about moving your advertising dollars to the online market.

    Our RV Park Review site ( is still just a pup. But we do let all park owners claim their park listing on our site and add photos of their park. We also let you see who is reviewing your park versus autonomous user profiles. If you visit and notice that your park listing is missing then please feel free to add it (no fees for this) or email me with your info and I can do so.

    If your park is listed and you would like to claim it to for more control of your listing; here's a useful how-to for that (


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