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Thread: Cash drawer error

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    Thank you Stan. I'll be back at the campground this weekend and I'll try re-installing the cash drawer driver. I'll let you know how it goes.

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    I haven't heard back -- did you solve the problem?
    Stan Spielbusch
    [Forum Administrator]

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    Default New solution for DLL not found, Win 10/11

    If you're using Windows 10 or later and you get an error that the DLL could not be found or could not be loaded (when you try to open the drawer), then that's due to a Windows update issue breaking the Microsoft redistributables that the APG DLL needs.

    Original link (broken):

    I found this with a Google search for VC 2005 redistributable:

    Click the Download button, download and run that and follow any prompts (probably no more than one thing to click).

    Once you install that, it should work.

    Also note for Windows 8 and later:

    The USB driver supplied by APG may be causing a problem. After some digging in Google, I found this page that indicates it's a known problem and has a fix for it:

    It looks like "Remedy #2" might solve the problem.
    Stan Spielbusch
    [Forum Administrator]

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